There have been some concerns about the creation of a new department, municipalities that felt compelled to group into one agreement separate areas of programs such as health, education and social services. On the other hand, some expressed the hope that a system of management of financial agreements would reduce the administrative burden. It was proposed to reinvest the savings from transformation in communities. Some participants asked Canada to help First Nations pay for the legal costs associated with the transition to the new model of agreement. The draft full funding agreement contains a clause that contains transparency and accountability requirements in the timing of contributions and grants that did not apply to the 10-year grant. It was requested to provide advice on streamlining or removing this clause in accordance with a First Nation`s existing accountability mechanisms. This new tax system has not given First Nations the opportunity to implement their own laws, constitutions and treaties, or the funding approaches inherent in rights. This agreement, imposed, comes from a purely economic point of view and contains no provision for revenue sharing or repair of land obtained since the imposition of provincial or territorial control of land and resources and contract entry. It is imperative that all First Nations fully understand the effects of such agreements and frameworks implemented by Canada, either jointly by the AFN or independently. Communication strategies for membership in general need to be implemented. First Nations applying for the grant would be encouraged to ensure that certain provisions of their financial management rights are, if necessary, supported by policies and procedures and have come into force in law. For more information on the minimum provisions of the Financial Management Act, please visit the 10-year MFF eligibility page and are also included in the model model of the Global Funding Agreement. This agreement reflects the intentions of the 1969 White Paper.

Base members are not consulted overall and AFN did not meet with bosses and technicians until the fall of 2017 at randomly scheduled meetings across Canada, without providing all relevant information.