Vinnova`s Terms and Conditions for Grants, 2019 (pdf)Vinnovaes General Conditions for Grants, 2017 (pdf)General Conditions for Grants, 2016 (pdf) General Conditions for Grants, 2015 (pdf) Recipients who receive a grant of COURONNes or more must submit an audit certificate when submitting the closing report in accordance with our terms and conditions. Direct purchases are allowed when the value of the purchase is less than SEK 586.907 and purchase coordinators must always be contacted when the value exceeds 100,000 SEK (excluding VAT). Value is the total value obtained for the same category of goods/services in a calendar year for the entire IC. If there is no framework agreement and the value of the purchase is less than SEK100,000, gmo should complete the “purchase form outside a signed agreement” in order to comply with EU best value rules. Our terms and conditions contain details about project agreements, project notification and what happens if you don`t follow the conditions. These terms and conditions always apply, unless your individual proof or tender specifies specific clauses. Vinnovas Terms and Conditions for Scholarships, Individual Participants, 2020Vinnovas Terms and Conditions for Scholarships, Multi-Participants 2020 You must respect the applicable terms and conditions at the time of receipt of the grant decision. These terms and conditions apply to most projects funded before January 1, 2020. In projects where there is more than one participant, you must establish a project agreement between project participants. In our guide to agreement, we describe what you need to respect when developing a project agreement. The emphasis is on cooperation between the universities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

These are priority countries. Other countries that could be involved are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. These countries are seen as additional countries that can be involved if they strengthen the partnership with significant experience and/or some necessary capabilities. Only one partner of the group, other countries per project, can benefit from the SI grant. E-ticket. Boarding passes can be accepted unless the E-Ticket is available (the service can apply for a ticket to find old e-tickets). When buying in EU projects, the best value for money or the lowest price must be indicated from the first crown. By access rights, we are talking about licenses and user rights for the results or background of a participant in a project. In our guide, we clarify our conditions regarding access rights. The purchasing coordinator of the department is responsible for preparing the documentation and sending it to the purchasing and purchasing unit.

Direct public procurement can be carried out at the establishment level and it is the institution`s responsibility to ensure compliance with EU legal principles. Travel expenses (RR). He also mentions anomalies. The principal IS applicant must represent a Swedish university, but the application must be prepared jointly as part of the partnership. The main candidate is the project manager and, during the duration of the project, he is also the main interlocutor of SI. For the fees to be valid, the following documents must be attached: The hourly cost is then 600,000/(1720-0.5) – 697.67 SEK For purchases, Karolinska Institutet`s first own framework contract is used. If the AI does not have a framework agreement, you can also use the state framework agreement through the framework agreement.