These “Write Your Own” web sites could just as well be called “Give up your rights!” If you rely on an online template, a do-it-yourself separation agreement, or a prefabricated form, you could sign valuable rights. In the state of Virginia, this is as close a legal separation as possible. Unlike many other states, Virginia courts do not grant “separations” in which a couple lives separately as a result of a court order, but does not actually divorce. The closest is a contractual separation agreement between the spouses. You can write a separation agreement with the help of a lawyer or download an online submission form. The agreement is contractual if both parties sign it, although the document is not, at first, discharged by the courts. Marriages don`t always end abruptly; Sometimes they disappear, making it difficult to determine the exact day you both knew it was over. However, the sooner you declare that you are separated, the sooner you can work at the end of your marriage. Here are your options for setting a separation date in a Virginia divorce. The separation agreement has other names that can contribute to confusion (although we lawyers seem to add our own specific contributions in this area): If you see online forms, templates, etc., that offer you the “possibility” of writing your own “separation agreement” in Ten Easy Steps, the authors have not reached the goal of ten too many. The reality is simpler: there are no simple steps to writing your own separation agreement. Probably the most common way to strike a separation agreement is a process that lawyers call negotiations.

If you`re negotiating a separation agreement, you`ll ask a lawyer to draft an agreement on your behalf, and then negotiate with the other party (with your husband in person, if he`s not represented by a lawyer, and by the lawyer if he`s represented) until you reach an agreement that you`re happy to sign. The target? This is the best deal. It`s an adversarial process (unlike a collaborative case), but it`s not as adversarial as going to court. While it is important to understand these limitations, they are fading from the enormous benefits that separation agreements offer. Separation agreements remain the most effective way to resolve most problems between separation or divorce couples.