The partner of a company has the right to be compensated by the company in the following circumstances: The termination of a partnership is a right of an associate. The partner can opt out of the partnership in one of the following modes. only if profits above 9% interest are to be accounted for on their capital, only if the profits on their capital are remunerated at the bank interest rate, only if the profits are not remunerated on their capital without profit, if a partner is dead or is no longer a partner, that the surviving or surviving partners cannot carry out the regular operation with the assets of the company without final liquidation of the accounts between them. In such cases, the outgoing partner or his estate is entitled, without a contrary contract, to any partner who is entitled to an equal share of the company`s profits. At the same time, the partners are also liable for all losses incurred by the company, unless otherwise agreed by the social contract. Unless contracted otherwise, the new partner is not responsible for an act of the company which, in the absence of a contrary contract, is considered to have the same share of the ownership of the company and has the right to use it solely for the purposes of the company. Partners should not use it as a property of their own. If, at any given time, a partner directly or indirectly uses the ownership of the business for its own benefit, the profits thus realized must be returned to the company. Article 12, point (a), stipulates that any partner in a trade partnership has the right to participate in the trade process. But this right is subject to a contrary contract. However, a partner may waive this right himself.

A partner who, in addition to the amount of his capital, pays an additional advance to the company for the purposes of the activity is allowed to achieve this at an interest rate of 6% per year. It will pay from the ownership of the company as if it were an expense. It is also payable if there are no benefits. Any partner in a business partnership can, in accordance with the law, access and consult each of the law firm`s books. It can be exercised either by the partner himself or by his agent. Partners cannot object to a partner`s agent`s examination of the books unless they have a reasonable reason to believe that the trade secrets may have been disclosed. Outgoing partners cannot be limited because they are not bound by the partnership agreement. You have the right to run a company that is competitive with the company. However, it should not use the name of the company or recruit the company`s customers who have dealt with the company.