The distributor opens the auction and can make the first call, and the auction takes place clockwise. [c] When it`s their turn, a player can pass – but enter the auction later – or offer a contract that indicates either the amount of his contract and the color of the trump card, or no trump (name) provided it is higher than a player`s last bid, including his partner. [23] All commandments promise to make a series of points out of six, so that a commandment must be between one (seven points) and seven (thirteen points). One command is higher than another if the level is higher (for example. B 2♣ above 1NT) or if the unit value is higher, the order being higher: ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠ and NT (no trump). [23] Calls can be made orally or with an auction box or digitally in an online bridge. El bridge forma parte del Congreso Olémpico y el logotipo y la bandera de la World Bridge Federation estén incluidos en las publicaciones y en las exhibiciones del COI. El Bridge tiene el reconocimiento de todas las organizaciones deportivas que estén relacionadas con el Movimiento Olémpico. Asa el bridge es miembro de la Asociacion del COI de Federaciones Deportivas Internacionales Reconocidas (ARISF).

También lo es de la Asociacion General de Federaciones Deportivas Internacionales (GAISF). Bridge is a game of four game scam games with thirteen stitches per deal. [16] [17] The dominant variations of the game are the rubber bridge, more often in the social game; and double bridge that allows the comparative score in the tournament. Each player receives thirteen cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. A sting begins when a player leads, i.e. plays the first card. The head of the first sting is determined by the auction; The leader for each next sting is the player who won the previous sting. Each player plays a card on the clockwise sting.

Players must play a card of the same color as the original card, unless they do not have one (so-called “invalid”), in which case they can play any card. [15] A continuacion incorporamos una lista resumida de todas las convenciones habitualmente utilizadas en torneos de bridge. Bridge financing “fills” the gap between when a company`s money matures and when it can expect an injection of money in the future. This type of financing is generally used to cover a company`s short-term working capital requirements. In 1904, an auction bridge was developed, in which players offered in a competitive auction to decide the contract and the single player. The goal was to do at least as many tricks as agreed, and penalties were introduced because they had not done so. Auction gateways that exceed the benefit of the auction are useless. If you take the 13 stitches, there is no difference between a score of 1♠ and a final 7♠, because there is no bonus for the game, the Small Slam or the Grand Slam. Biritch has had many important bridge-type developments: traders have chosen the color of the trump or have appointed its partner to do so; there was a reputation without trump (biritch); The hand of the merchant`s partner became a decoy; Points were scored above and below the line; Game was 3NT, 4♥ and 5♦ (although 8 strange club rounds and 15 strange spanes were needed); The score was doubled and doubled; And there were slam bonuses. [10] He has some things in common with Solo Whist.