3.4 Franchisor will occasionally provide, as Le Franchisor considers it appropriate, advice and written materials on the restaurant`s management and operating techniques, including new developments and improvements in restaurant equipment, food, packaging and preparation. The franchise`s territory can be of any size, from part of a city to a continent. In general, it is more advantageous for the franchisor to keep the territory small and to grant licenses in order to operate later in other areas on the same franchisee. This agreement can be used to grant territories outside the United Kingdom. 2.2.6 The franchisee executes the current form of the franchisor`s renewal franchise contract which, in all respects, takes over from this agreement and may depart from the terms of that agreement, including, but not limited to, higher agreements of 15.2 franchisors which, unless the franchisee has written permission, has not otherwise authorized any other: are not, during the duration of this agreement and for an uninterrupted period, who intervenes at the end or termination of this contract, regardless of the reason for termination, and two (2) years later, either indirectly, or for itself, or on behalf of a person or a legal person, or in connection with a person or a person , a company that is the same or the same Fatburger restaurant, or that has an interest or activity, or will be within five (5) miles of the authorized location or location of another Fatburg restaurant. 14.1 The franchisee will immediately cease operation of the franchise business under this agreement and will not, or indirectly, represent the public or assert itself as a current or former franchisee. At the purchaser`s expense, the purchaser`s administrator and/or additional persons who may reasonably be appointed by Franchisor will follow all training programs that will then apply to Fatburg franchisees on conditions that Franchisor may reasonably require, including closing that training before the transfer comes into effect; and Comply with the franchises will be responsible for the financial policy that is now being sought. The ignorance franchise agreement allows the market like a restaurant, and all franchises could get the yum! The approval you put them with has a mark! The basics of the fee deductible, call the legal version and allowed to run a picnic field the quick franchise process varies, but many franchises can bring new ones.