For your peace of mind. With Overdraft Protection, your cheques, payments, pre-authorized payments and point-of-sale payment purchases are met up to your predetermined overdraft limit1. This way, you`ll never have to worry about a check or an unexpected expense. They are automatically covered. A financial safety net, if you need it. Don`t be fooled. That`s why overdraft protection makes so much sense: overdraft protection can cost too much at the expense of the past. Visit your office today at your Scotiabank office. Discovered as part of the Scotia Total Equity Plan The Scotia Total Equity PlanĀ® is an innovative credit plan that has the flexibility to meet your changing needs. It allows you to use your home`s equity to take control of your entire loan portfolio and reduce the cost of your loan. To organize overdraft protection as part of your Scotia Total Equity plan, visit your Scotiabank subsidiary. Plan Unexpected Expenses For more information or to organize your overdraft protection, go to your Scotiabank subsidiary, sign up for Scotia OnLine or call us. A $5.00 fee is charged each month your account is debited a day or more.

In addition, interest on excess balances, calculated daily at 21% per year, is calculated monthly. The account must have a positive balance at least once every 30 days.