Yes, but only if the path is for devices on your land that provide services to a third party. He is someone with whom you have nothing to do legally. We have standard rates that you can ask to see. What are the legal avenues? A legal or necessary route gives the supplier the right to access the land and install its equipment without the consent of the landowner. Most suppliers will try to negotiate a voluntary route, but if an agreement is not reached, suppliers can often continue to install under the Power Operating License code and impose mandatory purchase or vesting orders. To change or provide us with your payment details, fill out this form. You just have to do it if you already have a travel agreement with us, and that means we will pay you for it. If the owner of the land or property is also the person requesting our service, we do not need to walk. Abandonment is an agreement between a landowner or an occupier and a third party, which allows that third party to do something, for example to access the country, to carry out work for compensation. As a general rule, they could be used to allow distribution companies to install cables or pipes under, on or over the country, with the right of access for maintenance and repair. Compensation can take the form of a lump sum, but is usually an annual payment. Wayleave agreements allow us to install and maintain our equipment on private property or certain types of buildings, such as. B residential blocks.

Of course, this creates a difficult situation, especially with the payment of several access routes to the same infrastructure. What do you think of that and how do you think it could be solved? So, of course, we come to the good old signs……… It`s sunny outside, and it`s getting boring. Here`s a question I bet you weren`t asked recently at the pub: “What`s the difference between a path and a relief?” Maybe not everyone`s idea of interesting conversations, but given the current release of development and infrastructure upgrades, it`s worth knowing how you can take advantage of your facilities.