The rental fee calculator helps you determine the amount of stamp duty to be paid to IRAS for the signed rental agreement. This applies to any property rented by the owners to tenants. A fixed-rent lease is a contract for which a fixed rent is agreed in advance for the entire duration of the lease. Stamp duty on fixed rent is based on leasing rates. The amount of stamp duty depends on the monthly rent and the duration of your rental. Below is an example of an apartment with a total monthly rent of $3000 for a rental period of 18 and 24 months. The higher the rent and the longer the length of stay, the higher the amount of stamp duty to be paid. Stamp duty is a tax that the tenant must pay to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at the time of signing the lease. It should be paid if the tenant rents the whole house or part of a house (for example. B a room) or if the lessor renews or renews the lease.

This article is misleading. The rent of the space must also be stamped. Please read the IRAS website before publication. 15-month lease agreement for which the initial lease term has been extended by 3 months1. January 2020 – March 31, 2021 However, in case of rent reduction or reduction of the rental period, the document does not have to be paid. For landlords, it`s a common concern to wonder if their tenants paid their stamp fee on the lease. Don`t get angry, there is a way to find out if they did it on the IRAS website. All they need is to get the document and the reference number of the stamp certificate. Please see examples 1 to 3 below to calculate stamp duty for leases on a tiered lease or a percentage of GTO. 6-month lease agreement for which the rental start date has been advanced to April 1, 20201 Apr 2020 – September 30, 2020 Let`s look at one of the most common types of rental in Singapore. For a fixed type of leasing, stamp duty is based on the leasing tax rates, which represent 0.40% of the total rent during the term of the lease agreement. Stamp duty on rental contracts must be paid at the rate of leasing tax on the basis of contract rent or market rent, whichever is greater.

Stamp duty is a tax on documents related to the purchase or rental of real estate. It is payable within 14 days of the date of the document (for example. B: sales contract, lease agreement); if the document is signed in Singapore. The tenants are, rightly, the ones who pay stamp duty. The party that is required to pay stamp duty is usually stated in the agreements. For example, if you are renting real estate, the rental agreement should indicate who must pay the stamp duty. Source: IRAS. (This also applies if you can negotiate well, the landlord can refund or pay the amount of stamp duty for you, but the payment should always be made in the name of the tenant). I simplified the statement in the article. Thank you very much for the indication and the manifestation! Good day 🙂 The lessor grants an extension of the duration of the rental, but makes available a duration without rent corresponding to the extended duration.

Stamp duty must be paid for the extended period. Looking for a rented apartment? Do you have a free room for rent? Look at ease! With online apps, digital leases, and online rents, Comfy`s online platform for landlords and tenants helps simplify their rental experience. You must complete Form E1A from the IRAS website ( and subtract it from an IRAS representative….