Article X, paragraph 1, of the 1996 agreement contains a reservation as to the implementation of certain provisions of the agreement. In accordance with the provision of this article, the full implementation of certain provisions of the agreement depends on the two countries reaching a common understanding of zone`s alignment with the borders between India and China. According to several media reports, there were no shots fired between Indian and Chinese soldiers during the faceoff, and the fight was a physical fight where the Chinese allegedly used stones and metal bats to attack. Although there has been no official declaration from China, it is estimated that there have been several causalities to their end. 2. Article VII of this agreement includes the following payments:i) for goods imported or exported under this agreement; (ii) payments related to commercial transactions and insurance transactions, freight (for the transport of goods by ships of both countries), port charges, storage and transmission; (iii) payments for the distribution of films, revenues and expenses for cultural performances and other exhibitions (iv) the payment of expenses resulting from guided tours of commercial, cultural, social or official delegations; (v) payments for the food management of the Embassy, Consulates and Trade Agencies of the Republic of India in China and for the payment of alimony from embassies, consulates and trade agencies of the People`s Republic of China in India; (vi) Other non-commercial payments through which the Reserve Bank of India and the People`s Bank of China agree. While the agreements are maintained, the recent massive mobilization of troops, tanks, tanks and air defence facilities, very close to the LAC, violates the conditions. Since the collision in the Galwan Valley on June 15, the army has authorized its local commanders to take appropriate action when situations develop and shots have recently been fired into the air, the first on the LAC since 1975. Thousands of troops and weapons continue to be deployed in the immediate vicinity, a few hundred meters away in some places, so that the chances of an accidental or accidental escalation that can lead to a larger confrontation, remain high.