About Ted and Karen

Karen does all kinds of things to help you with your business.  She can create a video for you or she can take your hobby and turn it into a business.   Karen creates websites too!  Is your online footprint visible?  If no one can find you online, she can help you.

But here’s the most fun – she is a published author on and and Barnes and Noble with 12 novels to her credit.  You can click on any of the links to find out more about them or go to her literary site and watch video trailers for each one. That way you get a little bit of an idea of which one will be more interesting to you. Book Trailer Videos

Do you need someone to type your family history story as you talk?  Do you need help getting it published for your grandchildren?  She can help you!

Yes! I need someone to write up all my notes into a book! CLICK HERE

Do you live in Scottsdale and need your computer repaired?  Her husband Ted is an amazing handyman and ace at computer repairs.

They are also genealogists and can help you trace your roots!

Yes! I need to have a family tree on my wall for my family and I don’t have the time to do it myself! CLICK HERE

If any of the above items are of interest to you, go to and see what they can do for you.

Next Steps…

See something you might like?  Let us know – We are selling them as fast as we put them up.  We can design it and send you a picture right away. CLICK HERE