No child in America in the last 100 years, since the Spanish flu of 1918 * has ever been told he has to wear a mask, stop seeing his friends, stay home, stay well and stay connected. This must be a very confusing time for children, as it is for all of us adults. Parents! You are doing a great job and if you want your child to wear a mask when they go outside, it would be helpful if you had their “buy in”. If they get to pick or design it, then they “own” it and are most likely to show it off….while on their body. That’s a win-win in any parent book. You get your way in protecting them, and there is no nagging. We have created some really fun, cute masks which have been a hit for parents as well!

Other choices are pictured below. We also have a “kids or parents’ Novelty page with unique prints.
We can get through this! Stay Strong! Stay Well! Be innovative with ideas to keep family members calm and active.
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