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Petunias could go with 4-5 different colors!

Never in our lives have we been asked to wear masks to protect ourselves from virus’. These are foreign waters and many people, especially, men and teens feel self-conscious wearing a mask. What we do is make it more comfortable and socially acceptable by making it cute and appealing. These have become amazing conversation starters! These masks are face coverings, which help keep us from coughing on others and keep us from infecting ourselves by touching our face, nose or lips when we accidentally touch something with the virus when we are outside of the home. We call them designer masks because we use designer fabric rather than just gauze or paper. It makes it a little easier to wear something foreign to our nature.

The virus can live on your clothes for seven hours after exposure, so you must change your clothes, shower and launder your clothes and mask upon returning to your home. You can pick up the virus by touching doors, gas pumps, counters and other things that someone who may not know they are infected touched. By washing our hands several times a day and not touching our lips, tongue, eyes and face, we can deter this virus from entering our homes and lives.

The type of mask that needs a filter is a closed system like N95. The N95, which our President has requested that we are to realize that the N95 masks are reserved for Health Care Professionals because they are waging a war toe to toe with a real Dragon called Covid19.

Our masks have
1) a cove for your nose.
2) a stainless steel wire sewn directly into the seams so that you can mold the bridge of your nose area on the mask to your nose.
3) 2 layers of polyester batting inside in addition to two layers of fabric between.
4) Originally we used ear -elastics, but they would fall off and we didn’t want you to be presented with someone who unwittingly was carrying the virus, and have exposed you to it.

Our masks can be used for other reasons and are not just for this virus, they can be used for icy cold days, for other reasons you would want to cover your face. For Winter we make them with Velour. They are washable and dryable.

This is a custom made, a personal item that is not returnable. One woman asked me if she could come over and try on the masks. I could never let anyone put their nose on a mask I make for you. Each of our masks will fit bridge to chin 6.5 or less. To make it more of a child’s mask, you can fold over the edge with the wire and tack it. You can make the elastic shorter for anyone by tying an overhand knot in the middle of the elastic.

We hope you never have to experience the effects of this virus on your family. As a young girl, I survived Valley Fever, leaving me with a cough for years and scar tissue in the right lung. I have an impaired immune system because of this. I am doing this as a service to my community. It costs about 7.50 to make one so 10.00 is not so much to ask plus the shipping fee.

Design a Dragon Mask!
Poppies and Blue Roses – Very elegant!
This little guy needs a home…

To make it more affordable we have asked that Paypal allow up to 5 in one package of 8.30 (the cost of Priority Shipping now for Small flat rate) If for some reason you can’t get your mask to fit, please wash and sanitize it, place it into a plastic bag and donate it to a local hospital. You will become a hero in some child’s eyes!

Thank you.

Karen S. Meyer

Karen holding masks
Our Face Masks are Designer Masks...
How does a Designer face mask help flatten the Covid curve?


Frequently asked questions…

QUESTION: Why are your Dragon masks so much more expensive?

Each Dragon mask or any other personally designed and embroidery mask takes about 2-3 hours to make including changing the thread sometimes no less than 20 times as it creates the programmed drawing. It’s much more labor intensive. The other cotton masks take me less time to I can pass the savings off to you. However if you want to invest in something that will be a memory of this unusual year. You may want to invest in a 2020 Embroidered mask or your choosing. You can enter the information to this form and even send us a picture that you want embroidered. It’s pretty interesting. We can even do pictures of loved ones or friends…

QUESTION: What type of fabric do you use?

We use 100% cotton. We try to find unusual and beautifully colored fabrics. They have polyester batting and a thin stainless steel has been stitched into the seam and then double stitched into the secure section in the middle of the top of the mask. You can bend it and mold it to your nose. The other material we use is for the Dragon and Mermaid Masks – It’s like swimsuit material – a very tight weave with 4 layers of batting to confuse the direction of any virus’ for sure!

QUESTION: Do you charge shipping for local orders?

No. As long as the person emails us their request, giving us their name, address, phone and email, they can also pay for the mask plus .082 tax on Venmo, Cash app, or directly to paypal using. Because the online website system keeps track of the fabric inventory, we will have to reply back with availability but this system works well for those living close by.

VENMO: @Karen-Meyer-53

CashApp: $MeyerConsulting

FaceBook Messenger – @kdaymayday

QUESTION: How can I place an order to be shipped to me?

on this link: Https://www.kastlekreations.net/need-a-face-mask

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