I have a lot of wonderful friends who are Catholic who are always looking for beautiful rosaries. I thought I would offer these beautiful crystal and gemstone rosaries for 40.00 plus tax and shipping.

The Christus is 3.5″ tall and has a solid weight to it as it is Stainless Steel and gold plated. the first three beads are Obsidian Ovals with hematite. The Station is of Mary Magdalene. The ensuing decades are the gold fillagree with black swarovski crystal inlaid separated by Oval Obsidians which are paired with black swarovski crystals. Very elegant – for Male or Female. $40.00 plus shipping

Steel Christus

This 3.5″ Stainless Steel Christus on the Cross reminds us to be like steel in the face of temptation. The Station is of Mary, Jesus’ Mother. The decades are separated by oval Obsidian stones, hardened by fire, and surrounded by silver beads. The individual beads are black crystals with a silver bead on either side. The first bead is surrounded by silver bead/ crystal cube, Gold fillagree with inlaid black crystal, then another crystal bead and a silver bead. It is a lovely piece for only $40.00 plus shipping – for Male or Female.

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